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Staying Up to Date with Your Film Transfer and Video File Conversion

Film transfer and video transfer can help you not only preserve your film, but also make sure that your film can be displayed for years to come. Transfering from film stock to digital is the new standard. It’s becoming harder and harder to find the technology needed to safely play old film stocks. If you are looking to have video available for years to come, transferring from film to digital is one of the best ways to preserve your material. Beyond filmmakers, this is also a great opportunity for archives and historical preservations. Film stock is fragile and each time it is viewed it runs the risk of breaking down even further. Transferring to digital helps preserve your film for future research.


Video file conversion can help you make sure your video files can be played for years to come and across a variety of devices. As time goes on, the standards for video files continue to change. This means that the file types we used yesterday might not work tomorrow. Converting from older file types to new file types allows you to continue to play your videos even as devices and standards change. Don’t let your old video files get lost to the advance of technology, get your file types upgraded today. Changing file types can also help with distribution. Each venue has its own standards about what file types it can play and being able to respond to these standards with flexibility will help you get your video to a wider audience.


If you are looking for professional film transfer, video transfer, and video file conversion services, look no further! Our company has become a trusted name in this industry and we are proud to be able to help you with all of your film needs.

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