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The Best Film Restoration, Color Correction and Grading Services

When it comes to having film that really connects with an audience color correction and grading, is a must. Your visual project needs to look crisp on the screen. You want your colors to be clear and exciting not to mention evocative of the mood you want to bring to your project. If your final film didn’t expose quite the way you were hoping, you can rely on our color correction and grading services to match it up with exactly what you were hoping. Fixing up the color of a project is one of the most important parts of post production and can really liven up a project.


Film restoration can also help you with your cinematic goals. Film degrades over time and recovering lost projects is one of the services we are most proud to offer. If your film has become damaged along the way to post production, send it on over to us so that we can help you restore your fim. Beyond just being able to help production companies preserve their film, we can also work with cultural groups as well. Educational and historic groups also film restoration services to make sure that their archival material has been preserved for generations yet to come.


We can take your analog film stock and convert that to a digital intermediate. This is the process by which we can digitize film and bring it into the new age of cinema. A digital intermediate is more than just a scan of your film stock. It has also been corrected, color graded, and otherwise adjusted to match the quality your audience would expect with the final projected material. Simple scanning services just copy the film as is. They lack the ability to truly reproduce the character and quality of your film stock.


Whether you need color grading, digital transfers, or restoration services, we can help you bring your film up to the quality you were expecting when you first shot it.

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