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Get to the Big Screen with Our Digital Cinema Package and Digital Deliverables

Digital deliverables are how your film reaches its audience. A digital cinema package is the standard for sending film out to venues to be displayed on the big screen. The golden age of sending dozens, if not hundreds, of film cans all across the world has been replaced by this growing digital technology. Let’s take a closer look at how this new technology can help your film reach new audiences.


A digital cinema package is a premade cinema experience delivered on a hard drive or a flash drive. This piece of cinema contains not just your full movie, but also any trailer content as well as bonus features. These can be region locked and time locked so that only the distributors you want can have access to them. They can also be coded to only be playable during certain time frames at certain venues which is perfect for early releases and the festival circuit. Your DCP can also be password protected. These won’t be your standard passwords, but will be much more secure. They can be locked down to only work with certain projectors at a given theater so that they will only play with people you trust.


Digital deliverables offer similar solutions with a more streamlined package. If you are looking to send your film off via the internet, a digital package can make sure your film gets to its audience on time without the overhead of a full DCP. These specialized files can also be password protected and coded to work only on predetermined projectors and within certain timeframes. This is more robust than just emailing a link to your video file and offers a much more professional solution to distributing your film.


If you are looking to start distributing your film, but need help connecting into the now digitally backed global market, get in touch with our specialists today. We can help you put together digital deliverables including your own digital cinema package.

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